Victor Ivanov interview for Life News

провокативное искусство

Interview with Victor Ivanov for Life News TV. Filmed In Ivanov’s studio in Hammersmith, London.

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TV Head 005

mp1 mp2 mp3

A performance piece by Henrik Heinonen and Victor Ivanov.

Performed at Modern Panic IV, Apiary Studios.

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©Henrik Heinonen & Victor Ivanov 2013. All rights reserved.

Unless permission is sought, this work may not be used for commercial purposes.

If you wish to use this work in a manner in accordance with its Creative Commons license, the work must be attributed to the artists using the following phrase: ” ‘TV Head 005 ©Henrik Heinonen & Victor Ivanov 2013. All rights reserved.”

Meat Slap Interview

An interview about the artwork Meat Slap, by Andie Macario and Victor Ivanov. Interviewed by Victor Delvecchio.

The original Meat Slap video:

Watch Meat Slap on Comedy Central’s Tosh.0

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©Andie Macario and Victor Ivanov 2013

Meat Slap Tosh.0

Comedy Central stealing our content for commercial purposes… it’s almost as if there is a lawsuit in there somewhere…


DSC_0043 DSC_0022 DSC_0020Flesh

A collaboration between Lewis Burton and Victor Ivanov

Materials: Chicken skin

The Adam of my Creations


A sculpture by Victor Ivanov.

Materials: Chicken heads and feet, motors, mechanics.



TV Head 003


A performance by Victor Ivanov at Platform 6, Bargehouse, London.

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