Meat Slap 2

Watch the Meat Slap Interview:

Watch Meat Slap on Comedy Centrals Tosh.0:

A collaboration between Andie Macario ( )

And Victor Ivanov ( )

A machine spinning a piece of steak, slapping Andies breats.


2 thoughts on “Meat Slap 2

  1. Do you espouse any virtues? This is complete pointless stupidity which only goes to show how some people reduce themselves to less than human basic instinctual creatures, I would find jungle animals more interesting and valid than this white trash, low life, moronic, perversion. Start to pray for a miracle, if this is what your life has become.

    • Thank you for your comment. I do not espouse any virtues at all no. In fact, I work very hard to challange them, hence my work. So, thank you for the affirming comment, I will wear it as a badge of honuor.

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